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Since Iíve been exiled out to the farm in the middle of nowhere, Iíve been fucking girls left and right and Iíve been accepted the way people here in the country live. I ride my horse, drink a bit of whiskey and have sex in horse barns! Today Iím going to share with you a porn video I made a few days ago where I fuck my sexy new girlfriend in the barn. Check out her ass, she has a cute butt, firm, yet soft and perfectly shaped. She is a real home grown redneck girl and she just loves sucking my cock and taking it all the way up her pussy, doggy style. Donít miss this amazing new video!
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Iím a bad boy! I love chasing women, drinking whiskey and driving way to fast. All this is exactly what got me kicked out of the college and exiled out here in the boonies. My dad got mad at me and sent me to live in our old farm house out in the country. I go to a community college here and man, I live like a king. Iím still rich despite everything, Iíve got my red Vette roadster and cute college girls are crazy about me. I fuck them all and make porn videos about it. Check out this one where a hot cute is sucking my cock, letting me fuck her doggy style and shoot cum into her mouth!
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My new girlfriend is a hottie. She is just a little bit on a chubby side but thatís exactly how I like my women! I could kiss, lick and grab that wonderful ass of hers for hours without stopping and when I plunge my cock into her white trash, country side, home grown cowgirl pussy Iím lifted to heaven! Thatís how I live out here in the country, fucking every hot piece of tail that comes my way. My dad has no idea and he actually thinks that I suffer here, cos he punished me by making me move down this farmland from finest NYC neighborhoods! Now, I donít want to go back!
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This was a party in my house and we all got drunk. There isnít much else you can do out here in the country. My dad sent me here because he was mad at me for getting expelled out of this stuffy, fancy law school, so now Iím kicking it country and loving it very much. We had a nice party last night and everybody got drunk. I noticed my friend go up to my bedroom with his girlfriend so I grabbed my camera and followed them. They were so horny they didnít care that I was filming them and they fucked like crazy. I fapped my cock right in front of them while making this video for you!
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As you probably know I live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere and Iíve been sent here by my mad dad. I got kicked out of college so here Iím, kicking it country and attending community college. At first I was depressed but then realized that Iím a king here, with my red Vette and a little extra cash. I fuck everything that moves and has a pussy and girls seem to treat me like god. When my little brother came to visit me, I decided to test my current girlfriend for obedience and told her to suck his cock in front of a camera. She did just that and enjoyed a nice facial shot later on!
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This girl is my college coed. She is a hot little cookie and she has a nice body, big tits, big ass and nice legs. She is a bit on chubby side but thatís exactly how I like my women. I love when they have something to hold on to. Anyway she wasnít against me filming our sexual experience and you can now download this amazing porn video and enjoy watching me fucking her doggy style! Thatís how I live my life now, here in the country where my dad sent me because I got kicked out of college. Iím getting an insane amount of pussy here and all girls are extra spicy here in the boonies!
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My dad is an angry man. He doesnít get a concept of fun so when I had just a little too much of it, he got mad and sent me down to the boonies where his family originated. We still have some land over there and a huge farm house. I go to a community college with all the local kids and to be frank this has been the best time in my life. Iím still rich and I ride in my Vette roadster and I live like a king! This is my new cute little college freshman girlfriend and Iíve been taking naked pictures of her and her sexy little cunt she loves to spread wide for me! Make sure you donít miss it!
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