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Fast cars and trashy women are my passion. This is exactly what got me kicked out of college. My dad got mad and sent me out to the worst boonies Iíve been to. But, he couldnít take away my Corvette cos it was mine and here trashy women are the only women theyíve got so instead of hell, he sent me straight to heaven! I go to a local community college and I have fun fucking every piece of pussy that comes my way! This my new girlfriend right here and she looks like plain white thrash but she a horny puppy! Check out her pictures and watch her toy her pussy and ass!
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Living in the City I had many girlfriends and no one ever agreed to make a private porn video. But here in the country, desire for Paris Hilton like fame makes girls of all ages and shapes beg me to make a home porn video with them! I live here in the country, where my dad sent me for punishment for being expelled from school. I ride my Vette and I still have more money than everyone else, so I live like a king and getting any pussy I like presents little to no problem. Check out this video and watch me fuck the crap out of my hot new red neck, white trash girlfriend!
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My father is an old fashioned man and thatís why he was furious when I got kicked out of college. He didnít want to hear my side of the story and sent me to live on the big old farm we had out in the country. I live here and attend a community college and I know youíd expect me to say life is crap, it actually isnít! Country living is fabulous cos Iím a rich kid here and with my red Vette Iím able to get all the pussy I can handle and these red neck girls are sexy! Check out me having some fun with my new girlfriend and take a look at her cute tits and ass in this video!
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